Tuesday, April 6, 2010


We meet again. This week, the entry is about this semester subjects. Wait a minute, did you have done it before? Yup! But this time is season 2. Huh? We have to story again this again after about 3 months we are learn it. Okay, let start to typing.


After about 3 months, for me, it is average level. It is because, some of the topic are okay and some of other are in opposite. Since this subject is about mathematics, so there are many formulas to remember. L. About my 1st test, it is okay. (Actually, I am sad with my mark…. I get low just because my miscalculation…). For the next test, I have to struggle on it. To achieve my target on this subject I must do it. PM Ruhana, my lecturer for this subject, just as I tell before, she is like our mum. Every time in her class, she will start it with an advice and remind us about Islamic rule. We are lucky because she is our lecturer on this subject. Even she is strict, but it is easy to understand what she taught.


I have told before that I choose Mandarin as my 3rd language. I love this class because, did not have final exam. :P. I can say that this subject will become easier if I always do revision on it. I am still in the same problem as I write before that it is still hard to pronounce the word. Hmmm… (I am still need a lot of practice…). I tell you something interesting about this subject, it is about the quizzes. Seriously, I tell you that the quiz is easy. It is impossible to get lowest mark with the easy question. However, for the listening and speaking it will hard for me because I am very bad on both. (Poor me..). Laoshi Lim, very cool and funny, just likes our 1st meet.


My favorite class because I love account. For me it is one of the best classes because the lecturer is awesome. Madam NorSaliza very interesting lecturer because her teaching style is relaxes. However, sometime I feel sleepy on her class because her classes are on the early morning and the classroom always in the cold. :P. The other reason I love this class because it is easy to understand about the topic. She will make sure all the students understand with the topic. About my 1st test, I can say it is okay but not good enough. (A place that we are in sector B always go before come to her class is to the café and buy breakfast.. :P)


Just like I say before, 3rd semester we will learn CTU based on our course. So, now there are a lot of things I know about the Islamic perception on the Economies. I can say that Economic with the Islamic ways is the best from others. It is because everything is perfect rather than the conventional side, many of barriers has to pass with the hard way and sometime will become cruel. About the lecturer, ustazah Aisya is knowledgeable person with this subject. The test still did not get the mark but the question is not bad, maybe easy for the multiple choices, and a little bit difficult on the essay. (Just pray to get the high mark..)



Different from last semester, this subject is harder than last semester. It is because this semester we are study economic as the whole. I still do not know the real reason why I like this subject but maybe I have learn it during secondary school, so that make me easy to understand about some topic. The test, nothing has to be sorry and now just waiting to get mark for the 2nd test. (Hope my mark is better than before.) About the lecturer, Miss Diyana, she is funny and easy to talk with her.


This semester, this subject is more fun than before. With the same lecturer, Sir Izuan, but for me this semester, who are original from his class last semester (BMD2D1), will feel better than before. Maybe because we are already know, so that is maybe a reason to us who are originally with him from last semester to do not create problems with him. This semester, I think sir Izuan is cool. (Thanks sir because help us a lot especially in our English…).


Every Thursday, I will go to Dining Selasih (located at sector A girls college) to attend my cocorikulum. Even the place do not so interesting, but it is fun. It is because, even the place is hot, but I am enjoying my game. Mr. Zul, our coach is very sporting. He does not train us as we are the player but allowed us to enjoy and play with no stress. Last Thursday, we are having physical test. We needed to run from the Block Usahawan to the main gate of UiTM and turn back to the starting place. (Seriously I hate that test…huhuhu.. the pain will continue about a week…)

That is all about my 2nd season of subjects for this semester. Just like, we are just arrived to start our semester. However, it is nearest to the end now. The final is around the corner. It is less than a month now. To all my friends and student UiTM Johor, I wish to all of you, GOOD LUCK FOR THE FINAL EXAM. DO YOUR BEST. (WISH SAME THE THING FOR ME TOO…J).

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

1st Day in UiTM Segamat

My 1st day in UiTM Segamat. That the title we get for this week. I do not have any ideas how to start it. It is because I have a lot of feeling when I come here. On that day, I feel happy, sad, exciting, nervous and many more. Anyway, I will try to do the best.

During I get the offer to further my study at UiTM Segamat in Diploma in Banking, in deep my heart said, oh no. It is far from my family. My brother said that I would study in forest. Huhuhu… However, my late dad looks very happy when I get this offer. So, I did not show my true feeling. 25/12/2008, it is the date that I start my journey to go Segamat. I have to start my journey without my parent. Only my eldest brother who is had sent me here. 26/12/2008, is the date I have to register to become a UiTM student for Johor branch. I feel very sad because my parent not come along to send me. It is because my late dad was sick.

When I arrived at UiTM Segamat, I feel very proud with my self. I can become likes my other sibling where they are ex-university students. I want become like them where they are now successful graduate with the scroll. At the post guard, have a few people where I do not know their status at that time, which are welcome to me and give a paper that wrote my college name. “SIMANJA KINI” it is the name of my college. It is sound so cute right. J… When I arrived at my college, a female who is come to me and give some form that I need to full it. I still remember her name. Kausar or we here called her as kak Kay. She is who show me the room. SMK 223A is my 1st room at UiTM Segamat. After have storing my bag at room, my brother and I go to buy other stuff that needed beside to have lunch. Since it is 1st time we are here, we have a hard time to find the hypermarket. Actually, it is just a few meter from the 2nd traffic light. After that, we are cannot find the place to have lunch. Oh my god. So, my brother decide to have lunch at McDonald. (Actually I am very happy…:P). After everything is finish, my brother goes back to home. After my brother leaving me, I know it is the starting that I have become independent. I have everything by my self. Hmmmm…

My 1st friend that I meet here is Nabilah or I called her Bella. Her room is in front of my room. Come from Pahang, she is Information Management student. Actually, I though she is an arrogant girl. I say like that because when she saw me, it is, as she wants to eat me. Huhuhu… However, she is not. She is a sweet girl. She always smiles and be happy. It is very nice become her friend. After that, I meet Suhana (Ana). What make me happy about my first meeting with Ana is, she is I the same course me. Yeppiii….

4.00p.m. is the starting of the terrible day. It is because, starting on that time, the “tortures” will begin. Wear “Baju Kurung” and shoes, after that we are pushed to hurry to the every destination in this campus. We must be on time to every checkpoint. Just like we are dying because have been force to hurry every second. (I feel like want to back home on that time.. L). Wear shoes and force to be hurry; of course, most of the girls are injured. (Lucky I am okay..:P). I still remember when all of them ask the plaster and the senior who have to take care on us panic when the numbers of the “patients” are unpredictable. Huhuhu… what I cannot forget is we are only having 3 minute to eat. Means, there are no gossip among usL. More worst when no time to get rest because only we are only give 10 minute to prepare our self for the next activities. (It is tired. Lucky I not fainted).

7.00 pm, we must get ready under our college and the “nightmare” is continue. We are must arrive at mosque (it is called PUSAT ISLAM a.k.a PI here..) before “Maghrib” and as usual we have to rush. I am not sure if we are stay until “Isyak” or not but if, I am not wrong that night we are get a lot of thing to remember until the end of program. (Actually as long as you are UiTM student..). This program is running until the midnight and the “terrible” day will go on until 4 days.

That is the “scene” I can remember about my 1st day at here. Even it is “hurt” but it is fun and from that we are know a lot of friend from different course and college. At the end of the suffering day, I can see a lot of smile that show their proud because choose to be here. Actually, it is a sweet memory for us because for me it is like a sign before we start our real life as UiTM students. This program tell us that it is nothing can we grab as easy as ABC if we are not try our best. There is no short cut for us to success except you put yourself on it. J

Sunday, March 21, 2010

~~~~~10 things i like

HAPPY WEEKEND to the people who are read my entry. To girls BMD3D1, did you enjoy your weekend? About the 2nd test, are you ready for it? Well, I wish to all my friends, do your best. Last week, sir Izuan give us some space to do our assignment. That is why we are rest for doing the blog. Thanks sir. For this week, we are free to choose the title for our entry. So I choose to do 10 THINGS THAT I LIKE…


I. Blue color
Everything that is in this color will make me crazy. Why? It is because it is my favorite. Huhu.. I start like it since form 1. When I look that something in blue colors, I feel very calm especially the sky and sea.

II. Pooh (Winnie the Pooh character)
A bear with the cute face and character I have seen. I like it because it always in no worry situation. Pooh always try to not make all its friend worry about itself and love to help it friends.


III. Asking question
Hehehe… I like to ask question in everything to my friends whether it is formal or not. :P I don’t know why but I like to know until the end or at least I understand the situation. Unfortunately, Isma always scold me because of this.. hhmmm… I “hate” Isma.. ;)

IV. Be alone
I like to be alone whether at home or at the room. It is because I can do anything with extra privacy..Oppss…


V. Kokocrunch and Milo
If most, of you prefer to eat Kokocrunch with milk or just eat like that, different way for me. I like to eat Kokocrunch with Milo. Yummyyy… It is more delicious especially the Milo because it become more chocolate taste. This meal make me remind my memory last semester when my roommates and I “sahur” with this cereals.

VI. Fresh Orange juice
It is not my favorite drink, but if I eat at the restaurant, I will order this juice. I do not know why, but this drink will give me a good feeling.


VII. Cartoons
If I did not have an activity to do, I will spend my time to watching cartoon. It makes me feel like a little girl with cute face. (>_<).. hehe… My favorites are “SpongeBob Square pants” and “Prince of Tennis”. Oh yeah, before I forgot, all the characters in tennis cartoon are so handsome especially “Captain Tezuka”, “Fuji” and the hero “Ryoma Echizen”. Huhu…

VIII. Dreaming
Hahaha… I will dream if I am alone and the dream must be illogical. I also will dream about something that is does not exist in the world. :P.


IX. Purse
I will more like my purse if it is full with money. Hahaha… it give a sign to me that it is the time to shopping… heee~~~

X. Pillow
It will become sweeter during the night side. When it meets the mattress, they become the perfect match. Heheh.. It is time to cute little girl sleep.. :P

That is for the entry this week. Do not miss my next writing next week. Seeya…

Sunday, March 7, 2010


We are lucky because we are born as a human. Well, one of the advantage is we have an assortment feels. Happy, sad and hating is sort of our feeling. Wait a minute. Did I say hating? Okay. This is the topic for the entry this week.


Most of girl will hate with them. I am also in the same group with them. The most I hate is lizard. I have a bad story about it but I do not think so I want to share about it. It is because I do not want to remind about it again. Huhuhu… It is so disgusting.


I hate it because it will make sneeze non-stop. Well, I have sinus. It will make me so worse and spoil my mood. Huhuhu…


What I want to say here is, people who are driving outside there who are no respect to the other driver. Especially people who are cannot give the signal if they want to turn. Arghhh… i feel like to hit the car until it cannot move again..


Even I am not driving, but I hate be in this situation.


To all smokers, you still can smoke but please do not smoke in front of me because I hate it smell.


When it happen not much thing I can do especially at night. One more thing, if blackout happens please does not leave me alone. Huhuhu…. It is scary.


Hhmmm.. If no credit in my phone number, how I want to contact my mum and you. Oh yeah, charge for the top up, huhuhu.. It is expensive. Why the seller should charge on it???


Headache is really pain for me. It is as my head going exploded. If gastric is coming, it makes me like a very weak girl. I cannot do anything if they are coming.


It is bitter. That is why if I am sick I will shut my mouth from tell to any one. Until I cannot stand with the pain, I will find it by my self. :P


I hate fishing because it will take a long time to catch a fish. However, I respect to the person who a like it. It is because they are very patient person.

That is all about the entry for this week. I hope you are enjoying it. Well, about the MITEK, congratulation to all the winners. Any way, do not forget to finish all the assignment. Seeya!

Monday, March 1, 2010

My Wishes~~~

Hi…. I am here again with the new topic. Before I go further, I want to give some courage to all my friends. Huh? Well, the real war is start. Means, we are now “fighting” with our assignment, test and class replaces. Wait a minute. It is like a sign that the final exam is closest. Oh my God! To all my friends, I wish “GAMBATE”. Okay, let proceed to the blog writing.

Wonder girl

I still remember when I still a little cute girl, I always dreaming about to save the world. Hehehe… I always dream that I am wear a smart and power costume that can protect my self and the super power that can help me to fight the evil. :p…

Did you think that you are the real hero for yourself without the super power or weird costume?


If I am a millionaire, I always think that I can have anything in this world. I always hear that if you have money, you can conk the world. Hhmmm… It is true??

You are richer than the millionaire is. It is nothing if you are alone.

Prime minister

Become a prime minister can make all people be respect to me. With the full authority on the country, I can decide the way of the country. Hahaha…

Are you sure that you are strong enough to leading the country?


When a read the newspaper, for almost everyday will have a story about burglar. I cannot imagine the satisfaction they get after do this stupid job. Some people say, try to get on their place to feel the feeling. Hmmm…

There is a lot of job you can do at the outside. Become a criminals means you are also criminal on yourself when you just destroy your life and your future.


Sometimes I am jealous with the young boy with his intelligent brain. Well, in a minute the can solve the hard question. However, is that true that be a genius we are special?

You should happy be yourself because sometime be a normal is better that special.


Hehehe… sometimes I like to singing. However, I have a very bad voice. Huhuhu.. If I sing the song, I will destroy it with my voice. Ahak..

There is something in yourself that you do not know. Try discovering it.


I always see in the movie that a princess will get a special treat from all people. She will get anything that she wanted. Wow! How so very special to be the princess.

You are indeed a princess. You are daughter to your parents and your country gems.

Little cute girl

Sometimes I hope I can go back to my childhood. It is because sometime I hate with my real world that full with the pretending. Well, children have no worry about that. What they can do is just feel happy.

There should have a reason that maybe good for yourself.for every problem that is coming should have the way to solve it.

Around the world

When I watching the television and hear the story from the others about the beautiful of other country, I just imagine about it. After that, I am hoping that I was at their shoes that can see the beautiful.

It is true that your country is the best but it is nothing to feel the different of the other country, that maybe it can be your teacher. Well, experience is the best teacher for your life.

One of the best

I always want be the best in everything. Unfortunately, it is impossible. It is always have obstacles to achieve it. Sometime, it makes me give up and just let it go.

If you fail once does not mean you fail forever. Obstacles that will come are a pattern that makes success even more beautiful. Admit it means that you are a failure forever. Not be the best means the best in the eyes of everyone but we feel we are simply the best when working with their own efforts.

That is my entire wish. Do not forget to read my entry next week with the interesting topic. Oh yeah, MITEK is coming right. So, let us enjoy the week and do not forget to study. Daaa~~~

Friday, February 19, 2010

Beautiful Flowers in D3D1

Ni hao. Let us continue with the new entry for this week. It is about my entire classmate in BEL311. Are you nuts Jann? It is about 20 people in that class. Do not worry. Sir Izuan had said in his blog that I just need to tell about them just in 4 or 5 sentences. So let us start to know them with the picture above as the direction.

1) Lily

Her full name is Roslaili. As far I know her, she is very quite girl. She is unwilling to speak until it is necessary for her to voice out. Wow.. Even she is quite, but she still can make joke. So, do not say Lily is boring. You have to know her more if you want to know what type of girl she is.

She will disappear for almost week to go back to her home at Segamat. Haihh.. Make me jealous.

2) Syahirah

She is very polite girl. I say like that because she always will ask for the permission before do something. Something that I really like about her is she like to smile. When she smiles, she looks very sweet. One more thing, I have never seen she in stress situation or getting upset. She is really a cool girl.

I have heard that she is not really interest with this course but she still can carry it until now with the successful exam result. I am really admiration with you on this. ;)

3) Zulaika

Or her nickname is "Kecik”. She is one of the super duper classmates in BMD3D1. For me, she is like no worry person. Even she in the big problem she still can act like nothing happened. About her specialty, that I know is she is a talk active person. By the way, she is also very good in her study.

She is not a concentrate person in class but she still can catch up more than other can.

4) Isma

She is a lovely and strong girl. She is always trying her best to fulfill her want. She will make sure that the choice she makes will not harm anybody she loves. She always have when someone need her. I like to say she is just like a sister to all her friends.

Even she have a big responsible in her relationship, but she still have time to her friends and herself.

5) Kak Azlina

Actually, I do not know her much. I just meet her this semester. From what I can see, she is feeling very responsible on her family especially. Everything she does, her parents will be on top. She is really a good daughter. In addition, she loves to make many friends. She also arranges her class schedule by joint different class for every subject. It is her way to make lot friends, I think.

I can see that kak Azlina is easy to feel comfort by joint any class group without feel like a stranger.

6) Erien

Another one of my classmate that I see she is a quite person. However, she is looks like very brave girl. Do not scare to try something. The important ones, she looks beautiful.

I though she is very serious in class, but the true is sometimes she is funny.

7) Nabila

I called her Abiel. She is a very ego girl but not an arrogant. Sometimes she will be matured even she is just 19 years old. In the other word, she is younger than others are. Interesting about her, she is very independent person.

She is very fun and interesting girl. Happy is one of her character.

8) Zura

Baizura is a speak girl. Have a simple character and style. Do not like to involve in trouble and always to support behind. Even she is simple, but her inner beauty is too nice to translate by word.

I have heard from someone that Zura like do the job at last minute. Fortunately, she still can score at the exam.

9) Ezza

First time I saw her, my first perception that she is an arrogant. However, I am very wrong. She is friendly and good-looking. Always want to know the story until the end. She is like to look singing if feel bored.

I like to see her with up to date style that make she look very beautiful.

10) Dilla

She is looks like a shy person. However, she is quietly stubborn and will always try to find the best choice. She will give her full commitment when do group activity. She is also like other girl that love to watch Korean dramas.

The good thing become a stubborn is, she will find and do the job with show the best result.

11) The cute one, represent to you…. It is me.. ;P

12) Sha

She is love to talk and can be a good listener too. She is also a hardworking person. Special about her that I know is she is very patient. She is very obedient with her parent. Everything she wants to do, she will ask her parent first.

She is easy to cry even I scold her on small matter. :P.. Sorry girl..

13) Eya

I have known her since we are in primary school. She is also talk active person. She is a cool girl. Sometimes, she is sensitive too. She has high confidence level. As long I know her, she is a happy go lucky.

When she comes here, she gets a lot of opportunity that show her real ability. Good job girl. ;)

14) Mies

She is Eya’s best friend. She is very concentrate in the class. She looks nothing in her mind but the reality is she always thinking. She is very careful in everything she done.

I just knew that she is one the best friend of my friend at secondary school.

15) Mon

Have a cute looking with her round shape face. One of her character that I like is she is very sporting. More comfort to be herself and does not care about what people say. Love to laugh and be happy.

One word that I like to describe about her is she is gorgeous.

16) Kak Hazie

She is very energetic girl even she is small. Soft spoken but will fight for the right. She will never give up until she gets the right answer. Sometimes she is childish where she also loves to play computer game.

I am very respect to her because she is do not shy to learn from the mistake where most of other people will give up on it.

17) Diana

I am not close with her but what I can see is she is very serious. She will fight for her opinion and will not surrender until she gets the best one. However, sometimes she is funny too. She is friendly too.

Love to see her with full self-confidence when she fights for her point.

18) Dayah

She is a chubby girl that has a lot of joke. She is very cool in everything and do not show her worry to others. Do not shy to voice out her unsatisfied feeling. In addition, she is a good listener.

Actually, she is a shy person but inside she is also a brave one.

19) Fateen

She is also soft spoken. Nevertheless, she has a brilliant idea. She is mix Malay and Chinese and talented to speak Mandarin. She will give her full commitment in everything.

Like to hear she speak Mandarin smoothly. The interesting about her is only she and her sister will speak Mandarin.

20) Mieza

Our class rap in this class. She is looking gentle but when you close with her, she is a fan of football game. I just had known that she is hot temper too. She is easy to get bored with somewhat situation.

She just likes Kecik where she also not too concentrates in class but she is fast learner.

21) Huda

Have a strong heart. She will not surrender with small problems. Love to sewing and have her on sewing machine. She is crazy on pink color where all of her things are will be in that color.

She is very happy person even in pain, she chooses to not show to everybody. She is so lucky because her college color theme is also pink.

22) Lena

She is a cute girl with sweet smile on her face. She is close friend with Fateen, Diana and Zatiey. Just like Huda, where she will not give up on the small thing. She is very independent here.

When she laughs, it is looks like her eyes disappear. That is so sweet. ;)

23) Zatiey

She is very polite but she is rock. If other girls love to beautiful decoration, she has an extra about that. She loves skulls. She is sporting and secretive person. She more comforts to do a job by herself that give her full satisfaction.

Actually, she is like other girl where she is also indulgent.

That is all about my sweet and beautiful classmate. If my perception about all of you is wrong, I am apologizing. Before I go, I would ask something. Did you enjoy your holiday? ;)…