Tuesday, April 6, 2010


We meet again. This week, the entry is about this semester subjects. Wait a minute, did you have done it before? Yup! But this time is season 2. Huh? We have to story again this again after about 3 months we are learn it. Okay, let start to typing.


After about 3 months, for me, it is average level. It is because, some of the topic are okay and some of other are in opposite. Since this subject is about mathematics, so there are many formulas to remember. L. About my 1st test, it is okay. (Actually, I am sad with my mark…. I get low just because my miscalculation…). For the next test, I have to struggle on it. To achieve my target on this subject I must do it. PM Ruhana, my lecturer for this subject, just as I tell before, she is like our mum. Every time in her class, she will start it with an advice and remind us about Islamic rule. We are lucky because she is our lecturer on this subject. Even she is strict, but it is easy to understand what she taught.


I have told before that I choose Mandarin as my 3rd language. I love this class because, did not have final exam. :P. I can say that this subject will become easier if I always do revision on it. I am still in the same problem as I write before that it is still hard to pronounce the word. Hmmm… (I am still need a lot of practice…). I tell you something interesting about this subject, it is about the quizzes. Seriously, I tell you that the quiz is easy. It is impossible to get lowest mark with the easy question. However, for the listening and speaking it will hard for me because I am very bad on both. (Poor me..). Laoshi Lim, very cool and funny, just likes our 1st meet.


My favorite class because I love account. For me it is one of the best classes because the lecturer is awesome. Madam NorSaliza very interesting lecturer because her teaching style is relaxes. However, sometime I feel sleepy on her class because her classes are on the early morning and the classroom always in the cold. :P. The other reason I love this class because it is easy to understand about the topic. She will make sure all the students understand with the topic. About my 1st test, I can say it is okay but not good enough. (A place that we are in sector B always go before come to her class is to the café and buy breakfast.. :P)


Just like I say before, 3rd semester we will learn CTU based on our course. So, now there are a lot of things I know about the Islamic perception on the Economies. I can say that Economic with the Islamic ways is the best from others. It is because everything is perfect rather than the conventional side, many of barriers has to pass with the hard way and sometime will become cruel. About the lecturer, ustazah Aisya is knowledgeable person with this subject. The test still did not get the mark but the question is not bad, maybe easy for the multiple choices, and a little bit difficult on the essay. (Just pray to get the high mark..)



Different from last semester, this subject is harder than last semester. It is because this semester we are study economic as the whole. I still do not know the real reason why I like this subject but maybe I have learn it during secondary school, so that make me easy to understand about some topic. The test, nothing has to be sorry and now just waiting to get mark for the 2nd test. (Hope my mark is better than before.) About the lecturer, Miss Diyana, she is funny and easy to talk with her.


This semester, this subject is more fun than before. With the same lecturer, Sir Izuan, but for me this semester, who are original from his class last semester (BMD2D1), will feel better than before. Maybe because we are already know, so that is maybe a reason to us who are originally with him from last semester to do not create problems with him. This semester, I think sir Izuan is cool. (Thanks sir because help us a lot especially in our English…).


Every Thursday, I will go to Dining Selasih (located at sector A girls college) to attend my cocorikulum. Even the place do not so interesting, but it is fun. It is because, even the place is hot, but I am enjoying my game. Mr. Zul, our coach is very sporting. He does not train us as we are the player but allowed us to enjoy and play with no stress. Last Thursday, we are having physical test. We needed to run from the Block Usahawan to the main gate of UiTM and turn back to the starting place. (Seriously I hate that test…huhuhu.. the pain will continue about a week…)

That is all about my 2nd season of subjects for this semester. Just like, we are just arrived to start our semester. However, it is nearest to the end now. The final is around the corner. It is less than a month now. To all my friends and student UiTM Johor, I wish to all of you, GOOD LUCK FOR THE FINAL EXAM. DO YOUR BEST. (WISH SAME THE THING FOR ME TOO…J).